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Tickets should be activated just prior to boarding the train. Single trip tickets will be active for 1 hour from the time of activation and monthly passes will be active the entire day until midnight.

This error typically happens when your phone is having an issue connecting to our servers. Rebooting your phone should restablish your Internet connection and allow you to activate your ticket.

If your ticket is stored on your device, doing a factory reset or deleting the app will cause your ticket to be locked. To avoid this, move your ticket to cloud storage (see below) prior to doing a reset or deleting the app. If you have activated your monthly ticket it cannot be unlocked until after midnight.

Prior to activating a new phone or resetting the phone, it is important that your tickets are moved to our cloud. Go to Menu->Settings->Ticket Storage and move your tickets. After the new phone is activated or reset, you can log into your account and you should see your tickets. You can then move your tickets back to your device. Active tickets cannot be moved.

The most common reason for not being able to see your available tickets is that you may not be logged into your account. Select the Menu->Settings and the button at the bottom will allow you to log into your account. If that does not fix your issue, you may need to kill the app and re-launch it.

Monthly passes can be purchased at any time. Keep in mind that if you purchase your pass on or after the 12th of the month, it cannot be activated until the next calendar month.

On the login screen, there is a link at the bottom right side of the screen that says Forgot Password. Type in your email and it will send you a link to reset your password.

All of our fare policies are available on our website. CLICK HERE to be directed.


Bikes are welcome on select weekday and weekend/holiday trains at specific stations identified on the train schedule from the first Saturday in April thru the last Sunday in October. Click here for more information or download the Bikes on Weekend Trains brochure. 

Bicyclists may board and detrain only from hi-level platforms. South Bend, Dune Park. East Chicago, Hammond, Hegewisch, and all Metra stations. Bikes will NOT be loaded or off loaded at low level platforms. 

Bike cars could be positioned at any location in the train – look for a bike symbol prominently located on the windows of bike rack-equipped train cars.

Operating crews are not to handle bicycles. Movement of the bicycle in and out of bike rack is the responsibility of the bike owner.  

Bike space will be handled on a first come, first serve basis. Space is not guaranteed on an initial or return trip (including late trains). 

Train crews have the final authority on accommodating bicycles. Crews may prohibit a cyclist from boarding due to overcrowding. 

No additional fare collection applies for a bicycle brought aboard a train. 

In the event of an emergency evacuation, cyclists must leave their bicycles on the train. 

Bikes may not block aisles or impede passenger movement and cyclists must accompany their bikes due to overcrowding. 

The following bike Blackout dates include but are not limited to: Lollapalooza and the Chicago Air and Water Show.


Children 10 years of age and older are permitted to travel alone.

Up to three children thirteen (13) years of age and under ride free when accompanied by a parent on all weekend, holiday and off-peak weekday trains. Additionally, children under 14 always receive a reduced rate of half fare.  An accompanying adult must be a parent or legal guardian and at least 21 years of age.

Strollers are permitted on trains, but since space is limited, umbrella or collapsable strollers are preferred for easier stowing.

Disorderly Passengers

If a fellow passenger is acting inappropriately, please inform the nearest South Shore Line employee. South Shore Line reserves the right to remove disorderly passengers.

Electronic Devices

While headphones are permitted, please keep the volume to a modest level so that fellow passengers cannot hear your music.

You are welcome to use your cell phone; however, we request that you speak in a low volume and keep your phone on vibrate. In quiet cars, the last car in rush hour trains, we do not permit the use of cell phones.


Please pay the fare requested at that time, ask for and keep the receipt, then contact the Manager, Passenger Revenue, NICTD, 503 North Carroll Avenue, Michigan City, IN 46360-5026 with your account of the matter.

Children under two years of age ride free in the arms or lap of an adult passenger.

Three children under fourteen years of age ride free when accompanied by a parent on all weekend, holiday and off-peak weekday trains. Additionally, children under 14 always receive a reduced rate of half fare. (Train personnel reserve the right to request proof of age from passengers riding at reduced fare).

Children commuting to accredited elementary, middle and high schools may qualify for a reduced one- way or 25-ride ticket. Please contact SSL or a ticket agent for an application. Commuting student tickets are not transferable and are good only for travel to and from regular school classes. Tickets are not valid in the evening, Saturday, Sunday, or holiday travel to and from special or off-campus school-related activities.

Passengers at least 65 years of age are eligible for reduced fare on all NICTD trains. To qualify, the passenger must present a government issued identification card showing proof of age at the time of purchase. Forms of identification may include, but are not limited to, driver’s license, RTA or Medicare Card. Passengers qualifying for RTA Ride Free Permit Cards ride free only between Hegewisch and Chicago; all others pay reduced fares from Chicago to South Bend.

All passengers displaying RTA Reduced Fare Card for Disabilities, NICTD Disability Card, RTA Ride Free Permit Card, RTA Paratransit Card, or Medicare card are eligible for reduced fares on all South Shore Line trains when ID is shown. Contact South Shore Line for information and application for NICTD Disability Card. For train information in alternate formats call 312-836-7000 or TDD through Indiana Relay Services at 800-743-3333. Passengers qualifying for RTA Ride Free Permit Cards ride free only between Hegewisch and Chicago; all others pay reduced fares from Chicago to South Bend.

Active duty military personnel may travel at reduced fare at all times and must show the “Uniformed Services” Common Access Card (CAC).

Groups of 10 or more paying passengers may be eligible for special rates. Please visit at least 3 weeks prior to your date of travel to submit your group information.

Lost and Found

Although SSL is not responsible for lost or stolen items, we do have a lost and found. Please call 219-874-4221 x205 and leave a message concerning a lost item. Items must be claimed at either Randolph St. Station or Carroll Ave. Station. After 30 days SSL will dispose of all unclaimed items.


Parking lots are provided at every station. Get to the Hammond, Gary Metro, and 11th Street stations early on weekdays, as the lots fill up quickly. Parking is free, except for Hegewisch, Gary, and South Bend stations. With questions, contact:

  • Hegewisch parking near the railroad is managed by IMPark (Hegewisch): 877-771-7383 (Lot Code 2272)
  • Hegewisch parking behind Burger King near the intersection of Brainard and Ave O is managed by CPS call 877-717-0004
  • Gary Public Transportation Corp. (Gary Metro): 219-885-7555
  • South Bend provides several parking lots and rates. For more info, click here

For security reasons, we don’t encourage overnight parking in any of our lots. However, passengers who choose overnight parking are at their own risk. Please note that Hegewisch and Gary Metro Center are paid lots, so you will need to contact those lots directly. Please see contact information above. South Shore Line assumes no liability for cars parked in its lots.

Passengers with Disabilities

Yes, every train has at least 2 cars accessible spaces for passengers using wheelchairs.  The cars are clearly marked on the outside with the international symbol of accessibility.  The reserved space is adjacent to the center doors of the train car.  Please ask the conductor for assistance if required.  You may remain in your wheelchair once you board the train.  The minimum available space is 34” long X 42” wide.

Not all South Shore stations are accessible to passengers using wheelchairs.  On our train schedule we clearly denote those stations accessible to passengers with disabilities with the international symbol.  The following stations have platforms that are level with the car floor:  Millennium Station, Van Buren St., Museum Campus/11th St, 57th St., Hegewisch, Hammond, East Chicago, Dune Park, and South Bend International Airport.   We have mini-high level platforms at Portage/Ogden Dunes.  Gary Metro Center and Carroll Ave. use a portable lift to access the center door of the car.  Portable lifts have a space limitation of 34” X 42” and a maximum lifting weight of an occupied wheelchair of 600 lbs (manufacturer’s specification).


Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted in passenger cars, stations, or on platforms.

Stowing bags and other items

Police dogs, ADA service animals, or small animals (transported in carry-on travel cages stowed under the seat) are allowed. Service animals are animals that are trained to perform specific tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability. Animals whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA. All animals must be under the control of their handler at all times. Any animals who cause significant disturbance or pose a direct threat to the health and safety of others may be requested to leave the train. Animals are not permitted to occupy seats.

Storage space is limited. Briefcases, parcels, and luggage must be placed in overhead racks or under seat. These items may not occupy a seat. Storage area dimensions: Luggage racks 14"h x 17"d; Under seat 11"h x 15"d x 25"w.

Strollers are permitted on trains, but since space is limited, umbrella or collapsable strollers are preferred for easier stowing.


Off-peak trains (weekday eastbound trains departing Millennium Station before 3:30 p.m. or after 6:30 p.m. and weekday westbound trains arriving Millennium Station after 9:30 a.m.) and weekend trains are great options.

Passengers purchasing tickets aboard trains (cash only) will be assessed a $1.00 surcharge if boarding a train at a station when a ticket agent is on duty. Note: conductors will not accept bills greater than $20. Consider downloading our mobile ticketing app. By downloading the app, you will never be without a convenient method of purchasing your ticket.

The weekend train schedule is in effect on the official observance of the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  If New Year’s Day, Independence Day, or Christmas Day fall on a Sunday, we operate a weekend/holiday schedule on the following Monday.

One-way and reduced one-way tickets are VALID FOR 90 DAYS from the date of sale. Ten ride, 25-ride, and reduced 25-ride tickets are VALID FOR ONE YEAR from date of sale. Paper monthly tickets are VALID FOR THE MONTH displayed on the ticket and until noon on the first business day of the following month. One-way and reduced one-way tickets are void if stub is detached from ticket.

Unfortunately, lost or stolen tickets will not be replaced. Your tickets have value. Please safeguard your tickets as you would cash. South Shore Line is not liable for lost, stolen, misplaced, or destroyed tickets.

Unfortunately, monthly tickets are forfeitable and non-transferable. Monthly tickets are good for transportation only when presented by the original purchaser. Monthly ticket will be forfeitable if:

  • Presented for passage by any person other than the original purchaser, either with or without knowledge or consent of the person whose signature is affixed to the ticket.
  • Ticket holder refuses or fails to identify themselves by signature or other means.
  • Altered in any manner.

Unused tickets offered for redemption must be mailed or surrendered to a SSL ticket agent no later than the first weekday (excluding holidays) following the expiration limit of the ticket to retain any redemption value. Refunds for Monthly Tickets will be based on when ticket is surrender to South Shore Line. Any value will be calculated using the 25-ride pro-rated cost. Typically monthly tickets lose any refund value after the 15th business day of the month. Multiple Ride unused tickets, or portions thereof, will be redeemed on the basis of the difference between the one-way fare for each ride used and the amount originally paid for the ticket.

On-board conductors will ONLY accept cash. All ticket offices except Van Buren accept personal checks. Checks and money orders in the amount of purchase only will be accepted by ticket agents. The check amount must exceed $25. Make check payable to NICTD. Your name and address must be imprinted on the check. Place both home/work phone # and driver’s license # on check. Valid photo identification, such as driver’s license, must be shown at time of purchase. If address on ID and check do not match, you will be required to show additional identification. Checks will be accepted from IN, IL, and MI ONLY.

Fares and rules are governed by tariffs approved by the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District Board of Trustees and Metra. In case of discrepancy, the information found in the tariff shall be considered authoritative. Neither NICTD nor Metra are responsible for errors in timetables, inconvenience, or damage resulting from delayed trains or failure to make connections. Passengers may be requested, at any time during the journey, to show proof of purchase of transportation. Please keep your ticket, ticket receipt, or cash fare receipt until you have left the train.