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Riders of the South Shore Line (SSL) can now receive half-off Gary SouthShore RailCats home tickets during the 2018 baseball season. And, with the SSL’s Kids Ride Free program, which is offered year-round, America’s pastime is even more affordable. To receive the RailCats ticket discount, game attendees must present a physical SSL ticket stub or display their ticket purchase history in the SSL mobile app at the gate.

For RailCats schedule information, please visit, and for more information on train schedules, discounts and to plan a trip, check out our home page or download the SSL app (available for iPhone and Android).


Did you know you may be able to save up to 40% or more on your commuting costs?  Your employer may participate in the RTA Transit Benefit Program, WageWorks, or Wired Commute, to name just a few.

Through Transit Benefit Programs, you can have your commuting funds deducted from your pay check. As a result, your commuting costs are no longer counted as part of your income, and you don’t have to pay taxes on them, leaving more money in your pocket. Your commuting funds will automatically be uploaded monthly to a prepaid debit card that is accepted at any qualified transit agency that takes debit/credit cards.

The South Shore Line accepts Transit Benefit Cards at our Millennium and Van Buren stations, our Ticket Vending Machines, and on our Mobile App. Check with your employer on your options and start saving today.

Click here for the RTA Calculator. 


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Commuter Tickets


Save money on ticket costs by buying in bulk! Special tickets have been designed with you in mind. Instead of buying a full price ticket each time you ride, consider purchasing a 10-ride or 25-ride ticket. The more tickets you buy, the more you save on each individual ride, and those savings can add up!

Monthly passes are available for purchase. You can receive unlimited rides every month, and the passes are priced to save you approximately 1/3 the cost of a one ticket.

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Quiet Cars

Looking for a quiet commute or a little unwind time after work? Try a South Shore Line Quiet Car! The last (rear) car of all rush hour trains between Michigan City and Chicago will be designated a Quiet Car. Seating is first-come, first-served. While Quiet Cars are not completely silent, they are a place for peace and quiet. Need to have a conversation or take a phone call? No problem! Just move to another car. Quiet Car passengers are asked to:

  • Be respectful
  • Turn off cell phone ringer
  • Mute all electronic devices
  • Keep any conversation brief and in whispers
  • Turn headphones down

There is no additional fee for the Quiet Car, but passengers are asked to occupy only one seat per person. Enjoy your quiet ride!


Quiet Cars
WIFI On Board


South Shore Line trains are equipped with free Wi-Fi, so whether you want to get a little more work in, or do some relaxing by surfing the web, the South Shore Line has you covered.

To log into Wi-Fi:

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Select the strongest South Shore Line signal
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Enjoy!