09 Jun 2017


South Shore News

A 2.5% across the board capital fare increase approved by the NICTD Board last year will take effect on July 1.  Click here for a complete list of new fares.

The South Shore Line weekday train schedule will change on July 1, 2017.  The new schedule affects the following trains:

  • Eastbound Departures from Millennium
    • Train 115 adds stop at 57th and reduces travel time to Hegewisch and stations east by up to 2 minutes, and adds Beverly Shores as a stop.
    • Train 15 is renumbered Train 17 and departing at 5:30pm making all its previous stops in addition to stopping at Portage/Ogden Dunes. It will not stop at Hegewsich
    • Train 117 departs at 5:24 pm adds stops at Hegewisch and Hammond and not stopping at Portage/Ogden Dunes
    • Train 217 departs at 5:45pm and adds stop at East Chicago.
    • Train 121 departs at 9:10pm with no changes to station stops.
  • Westbound Arrivals at Millennium
    • Train 222 departs Gary Metro Center at 7:30pm (36 minutes later) arriving Millennium Station at 8:26pm
    • Train 22 departs South Bend at 8:05pm ET (47 minutes earlier) making all regular stops and arriving in Chicago at 9:36pm CT

The following summary explains why we are making these adjustments:

  • NICTD believes the 5:10pm train should depart Millennium Station a bit later to more effectively capture commuters who work until 5:00pm but cannot make a 5:10pm departure.  The 5:10pm train is currently only 72% full (April 2017).
  • With this change, passengers still have access to two trains departing Millennium Station after 5:00pm.
  • The schedule also moves Train 217 from a 5:32pm to 5:45pm departure in order to capture more riders whose workday ends at 5:30pm.
  • Train 222 and 22 were changed in response to changes to the eastbound schedule.

Click here to view the new schedule.