13 Jul 2017

Changes to South Shore Eastbound Rush Hour Departure Times for Trains 117, 17 and 217 - Effective July 18, 2017

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Changes to South Shore Eastbound Rush Hour Departure Times for Trains 117, 17 and 217 - Effective July 18, 2017 

Based on the overwhelming reaction to the July 1 schedule change, the South Shore will be changing three popular trains to their pre-July 1 departure times from Millennium Station effective Tuesday, July 18.  The departure times affect Trains 117, 17 and 217 and are highlighted in bold below. Click here for PDF version. 

The July 1 schedule change was intended to maximize seat utilization and provide a new service opportunity between 5:30 pm – 6:00 pm.  We were anticipating higher utilization on Train 117 and 17, what we did not anticipate was a significant ridership shift to earlier Train 115 (4:57p).  We are also experiencing an overall increase in off-peak discretionary ridership and we are seeing a number of these riders migrating to rush hour returning trains, exacerbating this overcrowding condition.

The schedule change clearly caused overcrowding and inconvenienced many of our riders.  That was not our intention and for that we apologize.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Extra Train on July 13, 14 and 17

Until July 18 we plan to run an extra eastbound train departing Millennium at 5:10p, stopping at Van Buren at 5:13p, running non-stop to Hegewisch and making all local stops terminating in Michigan City.  This train should help alleviate overcrowding on Train’s 115 and 117

Please review the above schedule for the scheduled arrival times for your station. All other July 1 changes remain unchanged.


Posted:  7/13/17