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from the South Shore Line

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Q: Can I buy a single round-trip ticket for the South Shore Line online?

A: The best way to purchase a South Shore Line single one-way or round-trip ticket is either on the train or at the station. Purchasing a a multiple ride ticket on line for riding the South Shore Line is a fast and convenient way to buy a ticket and have it delivered to your door via the USPS within 5-7 business days. Online purchases come in a variety of packages – 10-ride, 25-ride and monthly passes.

Q: If I want to take the South Shore to go to a White Sox game, what stop do I take?

A: Although the South Shore doesn’t have a direct stop to U.S. Cellular Field, there is an easy way to get there. Simply take the South Shore Line to Millennium station. When you get to the top of the stairs, you’ll walk two blocks west along Randolph to State Street. Go downstairs to the subway and take the Red Line train. Follow overhead signs that say 95th DAN RYAN to see which track your train will be on. Take any train on that track. Ride to SOX-35th station – just a 10-minute ride. You’ll avoid all the traffic and the high cost of parking at the field.

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