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Westbound To Chicago
(Sat & Sun)

Effective as of July 18, 2017

South Bend is on Eastern Time.
All other stations observe Central Time.

Westbound Schedule, Saturday and Sunday
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Westbound trains (inbound) will NOT board passengers between 63rd St. and Millennium Station.

Station accessible to persons with disabilities.

Also known as Clark Rd.; Approximately one mile from terminal.

Flag stop – push button located in or near shelter to activate strobe light to signal train to stop. Please push button at least 5 minutes before scheduled departure time of train. Strobe light will turn off automatically after 10 minutes. Passengers should remain visible to engineer when standing at platform. There is no strobe or button at McCormick Place or 63rd St.

Bikes are permitted on Weekend/Holiday trains as indicated above – dark shaded time indicates stations where passengers may board or alight with a bike. Refer our bike program page for more specifics.

Boarding and alighting at low level platforms: At the following stations boarding or alighting the train may only be done at doors manned by uniformed personnel: Hudson Lake, Carroll Ave., 11th Street, Beverly Shores, Portage/Ogden Dunes, Miller, Gary Metro Center, and Gary/Chicago Airport. If you are unsure which doors will open please ask train personnel.

Means depart station after discharging passenger – if you are boarding an eastbound train please anticipate that trains may depart up to 4 minutes before scheduled departure time.