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Transit Advertising with the South Shore Line 
Transit advertising can be a powerful tool to take your message to the masses. Very few advertising platforms provide you with a captive audience, but lengthy train rides allow you the opportunity to capture attention with engaging creative artwork and messages. And with a large percentage of commuting passengers (nearly 70%), your message will be seen over and over, giving it the time it needs to resonate with each rider. Your message may be the only one a rider sees either on their trip into Chicago or the return trip home in the evening.

Whether you’re introducing a new product, promoting an event or just getting your business name out there, the train offers multiple opportunities to reach your target in an effective way.

Maximize your marketing budget by advertising on the South Shore Line. With approximately 300,000 passengers served every month, the South Shore Line gives you one of the best marketing investments available.

To find out more about how advertising on the South Shore Line can benefit your business, please contact Todd Merickel, Regional Account Manager of Mesmerize, attodd@mesmerize.com or (765) 748-9400.

South Shore Line Media Kit

Examples of train advertisement:
Platform & Stations
           Sign – NIPSCO platform sign         
           Billboard – Platform Billboard

Interior train car
           Sample 1: Interior
           Sample 2: Blue Chip sign
           Sample 3: McDonalds sign
           Sample 4: 1st Source strip

Exterior train car wrap
           Car Wrap  Exterior Blue Chip wrap



Advertising your service, product or business at a South Shore Line station is a great way to have thousands view your ad. The exposure of your ad will reach mass audiences at one of our 19 stations.

While waiting for the train, platform ads create repeated exposures 
reaching broad coverage and targeted capabilities. This allows your ad to reach both 
commuters and first-time riders.

Advertising on the inside of the train is one of the best ways to 
advertise. Your ad will be seen by thousands of commuters a day. The ads are strategically placed on the train for the highest exposure rate. Whether a rider is sitting or getting on/off the train, they will see your ad.