Safety Training For Contractors

Welcome Contractors! 

Below are brief instructions to get you started on your training to become qualified to work on South Shore Line property.

Step 1: Registering your Company

To begin, you will go to https://SSLcontractor.com. As the administrator of your company, you will need to select REGISTER to register your company on the website. Please make sure all of the information is filled out completely to ensure the completion of your registration.

Step 2: Register Employees

Any person who will be working on or near South Shore Line property is required to complete the orientation. To register your employee, please select ADMINISTRATION>ADD NEW USERS. After successful registration, you will be directed to your USER LIST. Here you will see all registered employees, their username and password, student ID number and a link to upload their photo.

Step 3: Uploading Photos

As this course does require a photo, each employee will need a photo uploaded to his or her user account. As the administrator, you can upload the photo by selecting ADMINISTRATION>USER LIST>UPLOAD PHOTO FOR STUDENT.

Step 4: Funding your Account

Payment options will be listed on the DASHBOARD. If you are paying for multiple employees, please select CREDIT CARD – PURCHASE COMPANY CREDITS. These funds will be accessible by all users registered under the company account.

If you are paying for yourself only or if employees are paying for their own test, please select CREDIT CARD – PURCHASE INDIVIDUAL CREDITS. These funds will be accessible only to the person who made the payment.

Step 5: Complete the Orientation

As the administrator, you will be responsible for giving each employee their login information. Each employee will need to log in with their own username and password, select COURSES and then select START COURSE.

Step 6: Viewing Completions

After successful completion of the course, employee completions can be viewed by selecting ADMINISTRATION>VIEW COMPANIES COMPLETIONS. If a user needs to view their completion, they will log in with their user name and password and select TRAINING PROFILE. **Completions will fall off the list after 90 days of being expired.**

The Support Team at SSLcontractor.com is ALWAYS happy to help. Any questions please contact:

Email: support@sslcontractor.com  

Phone: 866-599-2482

Chat: Green chat button on website