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The District posts all upcoming bids and proposals on the South Shore Line’s Plan Room.  Vendors are encouraged to visit this site and create a login to automatically be notified of any upcoming bids and proposals. Click here to enter.

The Purchasing Department is responsible for providing supplies, materials and services to ensure they are available on time, in the proper quantity and place, with quality and cost consistent with the needs of the District. The Purchasing Department facilitates the processes governed by state and federal law to ensure best practices are followed. 

Independent Registered Municipal Advisor (IRMA) Letter

Upcoming Bid Openings


Tony Siegmund
Purchasing Manager

Ph. (219) 874-4221, ext. 267
FAX (219) 872-5841

Michele Laney
Senior Buyer
Ph. (219) 874-4221, ext. 262 
FAX (219) 878-2406

Carrie A. Hoyt
Contract Specialist

Ph. (219) 874-4221, ext. 210 
FAX (219) 872-5841

Stephanie Modglin
Purchasing Agent

Ph. (219) 874-4221, ext. 202
FAX (219) 872-5841

Alex Largen
Chief Clerk of Procurement
Ph. (219) 874-4221, ext. 255
FAX (219) 872-5841

Tracy Swiderski
Storehouse Clerk
Ph. (219) 874-4221, ext. 271 
FAX (219) 878-2406

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

NICTD Protest Procedure Policy #10

Notice Regarding Federally Banned Vendors

Contractor Safety Requirements 
Safety Orientation for Contractors

Configuration Management 
Configuration Management Informational Letter
Configuration Management Requirements (PTC related projects and purchases only)

Drug and Alcohol Requirements on Track  
49 CFR Part 40
Contractor Plan 49 CFR Part 219

Results of Board Awards
Board Awards 3-22-19
Board Awards 9-30-19
Board Awards 12-02-19
Board Awards 1-27-20
Board Awards 4-22-20
Board Awards 5-18-20
Board Awards 9-28-20
Board Awards 11-02-20
Board Awards 11-30-20
Board Awards 1-25-21
Board Awards 3-29-21
Board Awards 5-04-21
Board Awards 5-24-21

2020 Vendor Open House
Vendor Open House Attendees
Vendor Open House Power Point Presentation
Video Recording

2019 Vendor Open House
Vendor Open House Attendees
Vendor Open House Power Point Presentation

West Lake Corridor Project
RFQ (Request for Qualifications) 
NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)
FEIS & ROD Documents
Protest Procedures for Design-Build Projects

NICTD Capital Projects
NICTD 5 year Capital Plan

Bid Openings
Ballast, Commuter Car Trap Doors & Undercutting
Commuter Car Motor Shafts
West Lake Corridor Design Build Best Value Price Opening
East Chicago Parking Lot Paving
Double Track Demolition
Construction Management Services for Double Track
Turnouts and Switch Machines
Continuous Welded Rail
Tie Plates
Rail Upgrade
Double Track Project 5
DVR Cameras
Ties 2021
Double Track Project 2
Double Track Project 3
Double Track Project 1
Double Track Advanced Procurements
Double Track Project 7
Double Track Ties Rebid
Double Track Project One Rebid