06 Jan 2020

Report an issue in real-time with the new South Shore See Say App

South Shore News

To serve you best and to help keep our passengers as safe as possible, we encourage and depend on riders like you to send us a report any time you see a potential issue with service, maintenance, or safety. We want to hear from you, and the new South Shore See Say App will make it easier than ever!

Using the app is simple:

Just select a report type and the location and then give us a brief description – you can even include an image.

Once you submit your report, your information will be passed on to the appropriate party.

In case of an emergency, we have included a “Call 911” feature. In addition, our new app features include service alert notifications, FAQs, and more.

Download the South Shore See Say App from the App Store or Google Play today.

Please visit mysouthshoreline.com for more information.