01 Jun 2020

SSL offering service alerts in the form of SMS/wireless text messages. Sign up today!

South Shore News

The South Shore Line is committed to providing riders with clear, timely, and accurate information on the status of train service, including delays or service disruptions.

To more efficiently deliver these updates to passengers, the SSL has begun offering service alerts in the form of SMS/wireless text messages, effective immediately. 

Those who wish to receive service alerts via SMS/wireless must sign up – even if you have signed up in the past.

To register for text alerts, please click here:https://public.govdelivery.com/accounts/INTRANNICTD/subscriber/new?fbclid=IwAR05agHmYJGh-FSeUQyNg5qfJkrP2tw5AOj6JLhzQNVFQWcaoxgG8fl5V18

Under "Subscription Type," select "SMS/Text Message" and input your wireless phone number with area code. *Note: An email address is not required* 

Once in the subscription page, check the alerts you wish to receive via text. They are categorized by time of day, including weekday AM rush hour, weekday PM rush hour, and weekend service. Due to character limits, the text messages will provide a link that opens the service update in a browser window. 

In addition to SMS/wireless alerts, the SSL will continue to provide important service updates via email notifications, SSL homepage ticker, mobile app, station announcements, and social media.