12 Aug 2020

SSL offers FREE October monthly ticket with September monthly ticket purchase and free Westbound rides through October 31

South Shore News

To show continued appreciation and understanding of ongoing impacts from COVID-19, the South Shore Line announces that all monthly tickets purchased for the month of September will remain valid throughout October 2020. 

Passengers purchasing a paper September monthly ticket should plan to keep that ticket and use it through October. Passengers purchasing a digital September monthly ticket via the mobile app will see an October ticket uploaded to their account prior to October 1, 2020. 

For passengers who receive tickets through an employer benefit program such as Wage Works and Commuter Benefit Solutions, these passengers should not order their October tickets if they receive a September monthly ticket. If additional assistance or further clarification is needed, please contact SSL through the online contact form at mysouthshoreline.com/contact

SSL continues to require its riders to wear masks at stations and onboard train cars, practice social distancing when possible, and take advantage of sanitization stations in each car. Each train continues to offer a “mask-optional” car (second car of every train); however, St. Joseph, Laporte, and Lake Counties now require facial coverings in public areas. Therefore, passengers seated in the “mask optional” car are requested to govern their behavior consistent with the mask requirements posted by those counties. Posted guidance on mask requirements by county can be found here mysouthshoreline.com/mask-announcement-update.  

“SSL thanks passengers for their continued patience and ridership during this time,” said Amber Kettring, Manager of Customer Service and Communications. “At SSL, nothing is more important than the safety of passengers. When you’re ready to ride again, SSL is here and safer than ever before.” 

SSL promises enhanced disinfecting protocol and thorough sanitization with their Sanitized for Rider Safety program, a comprehensive cleaning program that includes disinfecting seats, windows, crash pads, handrails, door handles, headrests, and grab handles daily. Each train car is also mopped daily with a stringent disinfectant and fogged with disinfectant using state-of-the-art equipment. For more information about SSL’s Sanitized for Rider Safety program, visit www.mysouthshoreline.com/about/sanitized-for-rider-safety

SSL is extending free westbound rides to October 31, 2020. Now through the end of October, westbound rides are free on ALL trains. The free westbound rides apply to all SSL stations, and passengers can simply board applicable westbound trains with no ticket purchase. Please do not activate mobile tickets for westbound trips on these trains. 

Since May 2020, SSL has invited doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, other medical personnel, and law enforcement agents to ride free on all trains. The "healthcare workers ride free" program was extended to Aug. 31, 2020, and we continue to offer these other additional discounted fare programs through October. We appreciate all healthcare workers and essential employees and are proud to assist in their commutes during this unprecedented time. For more information, visit mysouthshoreline.com/about/frontline-worker-free-rides