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10 Mar 2017

How you can still receive SSL alerts via SMS text


Since the South Shore has discontinued the use of text messaging as a way to communicate information regarding service delays and other service announcements, we would like to offer a solution that will allow you to still receive these alerts in conjunction with your email. Find how by reading more:


01 Mar 2017

New Bikes on Train Brochure!

Bikes on Trains starts back up on April 1, 2017! Check out our new Bike Brochure here for updated schedules. Now you can bike to work! We added two (2) EB and two (2) WB bikes trains during rush hour! Make sure to check out the train times in the brochure or below!



24 Feb 2017

House approves South Shore development financing plan

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana House overwhelmingly approved Thursday a first-of-its-kind plan for coordinated transit-oriented development near stations along the current and future routes of the South Shore Line.

House Bill 1144, which now goes to the Senate, puts the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority in charge of promoting and managing commercial and residential investment within Transit Development Districts, or TDD for short, centered on at least eight rail stops. State Rep. Hal Slager, R-Schererville, the sponsor, said allowing the RDA to use increment financing to develop areas within a mile of the stations will ensure the Region and state get the biggest possible bang for their bucks spent to double-track the South Shore between Gary and Michigan City and extend the commuter rail line from Hammond to Dyer.


21 Feb 2017

Plan for transit development districts clears first hurdle

INDIANAPOLIS — An innovative plan to finance development near commuter rail stations on the South Shore Line and proposed West Lake extension was approved 19-3 Monday by the House Ways and Means Committee. House Bill 1144, sponsored by state Rep. Hal Slager, R-Schererville, would put the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority in charge of promoting and managing commercial and residential investment at Transit Development Districts centered on the rail stops. The legislation authorizes the RDA to borrow funds to speed construction of property improvements that still would be subject to municipal planning and zoning ordinances.


14 Feb 2017

Developers see South Shore extension as boon to area

MUNSTER — The developers who bought one of the town's last available multi-lot pieces of land believe they got a good deal on property that will only become more valuable. The 15 acres in the West Lake Estates neighborhood borders the CSX freight railroad — and, if things go according to plan, in five years the South Shore Line's West Lake Corridor. As area residents get the chance at two public forums this week to voice their opinions on development around the West Lake Corridor's stations, the developers of the property in West Lake Estates see the train as a bonus.


07 Feb 2017

Chicago Auto Show

For those heading to the Chicago Auto Show, let the SSL be your ride! Normally, we serve McCormick Place station on weekends.  However, during the 2017 Chicago Auto Show we also stop select weekday trains at McCormick Place. Check out the below chart for more information on trains that will be stopping. 


06 Feb 2017

We love our riders ride FREE week!

We love our riders! To enhance ridership and attract new riders to the system, you can ride the South Shore Line for FREE* on all Westbound weekend and off-peak weekday trains from Sunday, February 12, thru Saturday, February 18, 2017. *Riders pay the applicable fare on their eastbound trip. 


03 Feb 2017

219 Day shuttles

The Region’s official holiday, 219 Day, is back.  On 2/18 Hammond, IN is throwing its 2nd annual party at the Hammond Civic Center to celebrate the special day named after Northwest Indiana’s area code. The South Shore Line will be providing a FREE shuttle bus from the Hammond station to the Hammond Civic Center (Compliments of the Hammond Port Authority) and back. The shuttle will run from 5pm-11:30pm. 


02 Feb 2017

South Shore 5-year plan calls for $1.1 billion in projects

CHESTERTON — The Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District's Board of Trustees recently approved a five-year capital plan surpassing $1.1 billion in investment in the South Shore Line.

The list includes the West Lake Corridor and Double Track NWI projects, the rerouting of the railroad's approach to the South Bend International Airport, purchase of new rail cars and completion of a federally mandated safety project. "The face of this railroad will look significantly different when this five-year period is done," said South Shore President and General Manager Michael Noland.


01 Feb 2017

Dyer council OK’s resolution approving West Lake Corridor project

DYER — In a 3-1 vote Tuesday, the Town Council gave the green light to a resolution approving the West Lake commuter rail project with specific recommendations. Voting for that resolution were Debbie Astor, R-5th Ward; Jeff Dekker, R-2nd Ward, and Mary Tanis, R-4th Ward. Cathy J. Lareau, R-3rd Ward, voted against this version. Joe Cinko, D-1st Ward, was absent. One of three resolutions drawn up regarding the West Lake Corridor project for the special meeting, the approved 2017-06-A Resolution featured the South Shore’s preferred option to extend the railroad 9 miles south from a new Gateway station in Hammond to Main Street on the Munster-Dyer border.


01 Feb 2017

NICTD board approves 2017 business plan

The State of Indiana will subsidize the South Shore commuter line by around $16 million this year, according to the 2017 business plan adopted by the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District’s Board of Trustees at its meeting Friday morning. Trustees voted unanimously to approve that plan.


26 Jan 2017

West Lake line development meetings set

The proposed West Lake Corridor could do more than expand the South Shore Line's commuter service. Planners believe it also would prompt new development – including housing, shopping and leisure -- around the four proposed rail stations on West Lake's route from Hammond to Dyer.


23 Jan 2017

Rail expansion will be boon to NWI

One of the most common arguments I hear against extending commuter rail service in Northwest Indiana is that if it hasn’t helped the northern tier communities along the existing route, so it won’t help those along the new route. I can’t disagree more with this reasoning. Northwest Indiana is something of an anomaly when it comes to commuter rail service. All it takes to see this is to look at the entire Chicago metro area, not just our sliver of it.The rail lines in Illinois snake out into thriving suburbs. Take a trip to Naperville if you want a good example of what can come from investing in commuter rail service. Naperville is about 30 miles from Chicago. Metra serves Naperville through the Burlington Northern Santa Fe route. The city has two train stations.


20 Jan 2017

Plan helps developers near South Shore corridor


20 Jan 2017

Indiana lawmakers look to develop South Shore Line

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A state lawmaker is pushing for transit-oriented development projects in northwest Indiana. Rep. Hal Slager, a Republican from Schererville, is sponsoring a bill that would create a Sales Tax Increment Financing district within a half-mile of the tracks of the current South Shore rail.


16 Dec 2016

NICTD Board Approves Resolution on West Lake Corridor Project

The NICTD Board unanimously approved a resolution today endorsing the Hammond Alternative Option 2 as the staff recommended Locally Preferred Alternative subject to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) public review period commencing on December 16, 2016 and ending on February 3, 2017.  To review the DEIS or to learn more about the comment process visit the West Lake Project website at



15 Dec 2016


The Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD) as project sponsor to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) and Section 4 (f) Evaluation pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act for the West Lake Corridor Project.

The DEIS evaluated an extension of the South Shore Line between the Munster/Dyer area and Metra’s Millennium Station in Downtown Chicago. The DEIS documents the benefits and impacts of the alternatives considered and is available on the Project website for public comment and review, from December 16, 2016 to February 3, 2017.